New Location

Good news and Bad news.

Bad news is the property I was trying to use will not work. The county now requires 15 parking spaces for every 1000 sqft of building. This leaves me needing 23 spaces or more. The old rule of 1 space per 100 sqft of dining would have meant I only needed 10 spaces. You would think we new this months ago and we did. However the realtor I was working with was confident we could get a parking agreement with Yamatoes since their building is owned by the same owner and they had just reduced their rent.

After days of waiting that turned into weeks and then months, this realtor was completely wasting my time. At the end I had to search out the owner and make contact. To my surprise he had no knowledge of any parking agreement. I was so furious I called the whole thing off.

The Good news is I’ve found a new and better location on Racetrack. The property is on the corner of Gibson and Racetrack. I believe this property will be big enough to provide ample parking. However we won’t know for sure until we get the survey back and the engineer can draw out the new site plan.

All this said, I feel I’ve locked in a better location. I just wish I had found it earlier. I will post some pics of the property ASAP