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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp

Hand made bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp with blue crab stuffing. Freakin Awesome!!!!



4 Responses to Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp

  • Don O says:

    How often is the bacon wrapped shrimp with crab stuffing available? I live near Freeport and don’t want make the drive and find out it isn’t available. It is at all like the shrimp they used to serve at the Sand Flea many years ago? I think the Sand Flea was even before Sams!
    Thanks for any information you can provide. Also, are you near any landmarks on Racetrack rd…some way to make it easier to find?

  • Stewart says:

    Hey Don. We are 200 yards from Beal Parkway and next door to The Backyard Outlet.
    We’ve had the stuffed shrimp pretty regular for the last 3 weeks. I don’t see and end anytime soon, but crab meat is sometimes hard to get. I’m sure we will have them for you but to be safe I would call ahead. Ask for me and I can put some on hold for you.

  • Jen M says:

    My family and are planning a trip to Destin for the end of May and we are excited to try your restaurant for the first time, I have read all the great reviews you are getting. I am curious about about the availability of your bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp, crabcakes, and grouper. Your restaurant we definitely be on our “must do” list regardless!

    • Stewart says:


      The stuffed shrimp , crabcakes, and grouper are all specials that we may or may not have when you arive.

      We haven’t had crab for a few weeks due to the high price and availability.

      The grouper comes and goes depending on what he fishermen are catching and the price. Lately the cobia have been running and there has been a nice supply. We also get a good amount of white snapper, sheephead, and mullet which are extremly good. Mackeral season is coming soon so you can expect to see it as a special.

      However don’t worry, we always have fresh shrimp, oysters, and some type of great fish.

      Stewart Taylor

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