Fresh White Snappers

Nice haul of beautiful monster white snappers. Cleaned and prepared by yours truly!






2 Responses to Fresh White Snappers

  • Richard says:

    We are looking for a great restaurant that serves Baked Fish. Back in PA they call it Baked Whitefish, but I think it was haddock. It was to die for. In Ft Walton several times a week and even today on Racetrack, but didn’t know the restaurant was there. We look forward to visiting, but would surely like some baked fish. This is to keep away from the grease which my wife can’t eat.

    Please respond.



    • Stewart says:

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry we don’t bake fish but we do have a better alternative. Not only due we have the best fried seafood but we also have grilled. We have some the best grilled fish and shrimp you will find anywhere.

      Hope to see you soon,
      Stewart Taylor

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