Smoked Fish Dip! – Seafood Restaurant FWB FL

Stewby’s does fresh, smoked fish dip the best!


Stewby’s Seafood shanty in Ft Walton beach FL is always keeping it fresh, full of flavor and offering new specials all of the time. Sea food in fort Walton including smoked fish dip around fwb florida just doesn’t get much better than this… ESPECIALLY at these prices. There’s a reason the locals of fort Walton fl and Destin florida have voted this seafood restaurant in fort Walton beach Florida, their favorite seafood restaurant on the Emerald Coast. Fresh, Locally caught seafood, served fresh and full of flavor and at the lowest prices around ft Walton. People visit Destin and Fort Walton fl for the beautiful beaches yes, but they also want delicious fresh seafood while they are vacationing. Staying in this area isn’t cheap and neither is the overpriced seafood at most restaurants with an amazing view. Stewby’s may be a little hole in the wall and a bit out of the way but ask anyone who has been, Stewby’s is the best seafood restaurant in the area with affordable fresh seafood and well worth the little drive out of the way. We buy all of our fish, fresh and locally. We cut our fish and prep everything right next door to our seafood restaurant in fwb fl.  This seafood loving family was born and raised right here in the Destin and fort Walton beach area and takes pride in it’s efforts to always provide the freshest seafood. If you’re in the area and looking for an affordable fresh seafood restaurant in fort Walton florida, come to Stewby’s!

Best Seafood Restaurant on the Emerald Coast! – FWB FL

Emerald Coast’s Finest of 2018!! 

The people have voted and we are excited to announce that Stewby’s Seafood Shanty in Fort Walton Beach Florida is officially the best seafood on the Emerald Coast! We just want to say thank you to all of our seafood loving customers of ft Walton and Destin, locals, and regulars that love our food and those of you who voted for us. Our goal everyday is to provide the best quality seafood and customer service for our customers, and we appreciate every one of you. If you love seafood and are in the ft Walton beach area and haven’t gotten to try out our food yet, we hope you do soon. Don’t just take our word for it, take it from the people of the beautiful Emerald Coast who voted us the #1 seafood restaurant on the Emerald Coast. located on fwb Florida.

Seafood FWB FL – Fresh Swordfish!

Fresh Grilled Swordfish Dinner With Some Fresh Grilled Zucchini and Cucumber Salad! YUM!!
Fresh Side of Fried Swordfish!                                 

Craving some fresh local seafood in the Ft. Walton Beach area? Come join us at Stewby’s Seafood Shanty for lunch or Dinner! We’re always offering different fresh seafood specials here at our location in Fort Walton. We’re also constantly buying the freshest seafood and fish that are in season and changing up our fish specials for our “Fish of the Day” or “Fresh Catch of the Day”. Today or fish special is fresh, locally caught Swordfish and it is delicious! You can get this fresh swordfish fried or grill and as a Samwich or in a dinner plate, along with all of our other amazing fresh fish and fresh seafood menu items we order. Whether you’re just visiting the Destin / Fort Walton area or live in or near FWB and Destin Fl, Stewby’s Seafood Shanty in Ft Walton is the place to go if you’re looking for the absolute best and number one seafood restaurant in Fort Walton Beach Florida. We know some of you may not want to make the trip to ft Walton if you live or are staying in destin but just ask the locals who have eaten here at Stewby’s Seafood in fwb, THE DRIVE IS WORTH IT. We’ve made it our ultimate priority to continue to grow, improve, serve the best quality seafood in Ft. Walton beach, and to maintain our status of being the best seafood restaurant in Ft. Walton Beach FL and Destin Florida, and we will continue to do so. So come on out to Stewby’s if fwb florida for the number one rated, locals favorite seafood restaurant in Fort Walton Beach Florida, and Don’t forget to try our fish of the day, Swordfish!
-Stewby’s Seafood Shanty
Seafood Restaurant in Ft Walton FL

Fish of the Day: SWORDFISH!

-Stewby’s Seafood Shanty
Seafood Restaurant in Ft Walton FL

Fwb FL Seafood – Gluten Free Options!

Great News for our Gluten Sensitive Guests in the fort Walton beach / Destin Fl area, craving delicious seafood!

We now offer more gluten free choices here at Stewby’s Seafood Shanty in Fort Walton Beach Florida near Destin Fl. All of our grilled seafood and chicken items and most of our side options are now gluten free. We Serve the best seafood in fwb florida so it’s only fair to make sure everyone including our destin and Ft Walton locals and all of our visitors to the fort Walton and Destin Florida area to be able to enjoy great seafood regardless of gluten allergies. Not everything is gluten free but we’ve made a lot of new options available. Fresh, Gluten free seafood that’s actually enjoyable and flavorful, you can’t even taste the difference! We hope our gluten sensitive guest enjoy these new gluten free seafood options. If you’re looking for the best seafood in destin fl and every ft Walton beach locals favorite seafood restaurant, you know where to come! Stewby’s Seafood Shanty in Fort Walton Florida near Destin Florida. Come visit the #1 Seafood Restaurant located in Destin fl. Fresh, local, amazing seafood!


Best Shrimp Sam Ft. Walton Beach FL

The SHRIMP SAM! Fresh Local Seafoot FWB FL – Destin FL. Locals favorite seafood restaurant!

Among all of the amazing, fresh, local seafood we serve up here at Stewby’s in Fort Walton Beach Florida, near Destin FL, our shrimp SAMwich has always been a locals favorite! A perfect seafood sandwich really.. You can choose from freshly fried or grilled shrimp, fish, oysters or even chicken on the samwich. If you haven’t already tried one of these SAMwiches and you love fresh local seafood, you better get to our location in FWB Florida and try it. This samwich will definitely impress those seafood craving taste buds if yours!