Fish of the Day- Stewby’s Seafood restaurant FWB FL

Fried Fish of the Day Dinner

Amberjack is back & it’s our Fish of the Day!! Not only is it a favorite from Destin to Ft. Walton, but a Stewbys favorite too. Amberjack is one of the many fresh & local fish we are proud to serve here. You can find it on our menu daily during season at our Fort Walton location or our Okaloosa Island one as well. We’re serving it up hand breaded & fried with our house made cracker meal or chargrilled with our own blend of grill seasonings. In addition to both of these options, we offer a THIRD! Visit our seafood market & you can find fresh AJ, as the locals call it, for you to take home & cook yourself. If you haven’t been to our Okaloosa Island location yet, you are missing out! The seafood market & steamer is where you can stock up on ALL your stewbys favorites- including the fresh fish & shrimp we serve daily, the same cracker meal & grilled seasoning we make & PLENTY of other Stewbys favorites! We can even help you pack it up, ice it down & get ready for the drive back home!! We almost forgot to mention, soon you’ll be able to find this delicious favorite at our THIRD seafood restaurant location in Crestview, Florida, coming this summer! Stay tuned for future updates & developments on this adventure & all things Stewbys related!!

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