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Local Charter Boats

Special K
Destin Family fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Family owned charter boat in Destin. Located at the Emerald Grande in the heart of Destin. 4 first places in the Destin rodeo!
Contact: or call 850-259-5246


Grilled Shrimp over Caesar Salad

New menu items. Grilled shrimp, fish, or chicken over Caesar Salad. Homemade Caesar dressing. Yumm!


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Soft Shell Crabs

New to the menu. Whale size soft shell crab. Dinners and Samwiches. So good!


The Fresh Truth

It is our goal to offer the freshest seafood obtainable.

We buy all our fish fresh and local. 90% of our fish come straight from the docks in Destin and the other 10% from neighboring counties including the east coast of Florida when availability requires. Although we buy and serve our fish fresh we will however occasionally freeze some to get through the times when availability is scarce to none. This is typically due to bad weather keeping boats at dock or the state and federal waters being closed to commercial fishing.

Our oysters are always fresh shucked from Bon Secour Fisheries in Alabama with an occasional supply from Apalachicola Florida. Although Apalachicola may have the best oysters served on the half shell, we believe Alabama and Louisiana offer the best for frying.

Shrimp are harder to find fresh than one would think. We buy our shrimp as fresh as you can get it. 99.9% of all gulf shrimp are frozen on the boats while out at sea for up to 30 days at a time. These shrimp are then processed at major seafood distributors like Bon Secour Fisheries and Aquila Seafood in Alabama. The shrimp are then defrosted, de-headed, washed, sorted, and frozen again. These are the same shrimp you find as fresh in the local seafood markets!

When available we buy fresh bay shrimp from local and neighboring county shrimpers, but the season for harvest is very short and quantity is very limited. So we also buy shrimp from Bon Secour Fisheries and Aquila Seafood. However these two companies have agreed to accommodate our needs for fresh shrimp and are providing us with their bay and gulf shrimp prior to refreezing. But, this is still limited to season and availability.

Fresh Shrimp in Fort Walton

These are some fresh shrimp. It just doesn’t get any better or fresher than this. These where caught right here in our very own Choctawhatchee Bay.





A lot of work goes into serving fresh shrimp before they reach your table. First we have to dehead all the shrimp and then sort them to size. Then we begin the pealing and splitting of each and every one.
This batch yielded a lot of very large jumbo shrimp which we will grill up as a special.

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Talk about Fresh Shrimp

We always talk about the Destin and having the best fishery in the world, but we also have an abundance of fresh bay and gulf shrimp.





Local shrimp boats have started catching again for this years shrimp harvest and we are right there waiting at the docks. Today we picked up the first of many pounds to come. Just doesn’t get any better than that. Fresh local shrimp from our own back yard

Best Little Seafood Restaurant in Fort Walton

As you can see the locals are taking advantage of the fresh seafood and inexpensive prices at STEWBY’S. Even a few out of down visitors have found their way to the back side of Fort Walton.




Just another Friday evening at STEWBY’S Seafood Shanty

From the Docks to Your Basket

Monday morning begins with loading up some amberjacks in Destin. These are no small fish. On average each one weighs about 60 pounds.


Next we arrive at STEWBY’S and unload as quickly as possible. We store the fish in our walk in cooler at about 34 degrees. Covered in ice these fish can last up to 2 weeks, however we only buy enough for about 3-4 days. Which means we make this trip or have them delivered twice a week.


Then it’s on the cutting board where we fillet an portion the fish. It takes a strong back and sharp knife to wrestle these monsters. Occasionally these jacks get over 100 pounds.



Finally it’s into the fryer where we fry the fish at 350 degrees to a nice golden brown or on the grill if you prefer. At STEWBY’S, your order comes back to the kitchen as soon as you place the order. In most cases, your order is on the grill or in the fryer before the cashier puts your change in your hand.

When your order is finished your number is called and you pick it up at the window. Straight from the fryer to your table. But be careful because it’s HOT. Normally you my have to let it cool down a bit before you can eat it!



Fresh Grouper Throats

A local delicacy. On occasion we get some fresh grouper throats. The throat meat is the meat located under the head and around the neck. Great stuff!! So good!!