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Grilled Shrimp over Caesar Salad

New menu items. Grilled shrimp, fish, or chicken over Caesar Salad. Homemade Caesar dressing. Yumm!


4 Responses to Grilled Shrimp over Caesar Salad

  • Kitty says:

    Can you please add stuffed shrimp to your menu? It was so yummy at the old Sam’s restaurant. Thanks!

  • Stewart says:

    Hey Kitty. It’s in the works. Thanks.

  • Antoinette Robinson says:

    Hello Stewart,

    Is there any chance of you serving raw oysters like in the old days when you were at the foot of the Brooks Bridge? Also, is Amber Jack available? If so, please make it a permanent fixture on your menu.




    Please serve grilled or steamed vegetables as sides.

  • Stewart says:

    Hey Antoinette,

    Amberjack is our fish of the day 99% of the time. The only time we don’t use Amberjack is when we can’t get any.

    Raw oysters are way too labor intensive and consume too much space and time for them to be worth while. They are way too expensve and I could never compete with others that practicaly give them away so you will buy their beer or other cocktails.

    We don’t have a steamer but grilled vegetables are diffenantly coming. Grilled squash and asparragus to name a few. However you may only see added items in the off season. We will launching new sides after this coming summer.

    With such limited space and time limits we have to be careful what we serve. There are a lot of things we could sell but we just aren’t set up to get them out in a timely manor.


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